CMG Awards First Action Grant to Support Community Wind Campaign

CMG is excited to announce our first Action Grant to Windustry to support their new #StickWindHere campaign. We will be providing a matching grant of $9,950 to WIndustry for the production, post-production, & distribution of a short video, as well as measurement of the campaign's impact on the community wind power discussion. The #StickWindHere campaign will launch in mid-September.

We met Windustry's Executive Director, Lisa Daniels, at our Catalyst Workshops focused on sustainable energy, where she was paired with two other participants, independent filmmaker Jordan Fein and Climate Fellow Ravdeep Jaidka from the University of New Hampshire's Sustainability Institute. The task was to collaborate on how to better communicate Windustry's efforts using a strategic campaign that utilizes video to create measurable action. In just a few days, they developed a very promising campaign concept called #StickWindHere for their workshop Capstone Project. #StickWindHere's visuals include a small, cut-out of a wind turbine and the image of a hand holding it in front of a scene or landscape, to illustrate the many places that wind energy can be produced.

According to Lisa, "The Catalyst Workshop gave me a whole new way of thinking about Windustry's outreach.  As a small non-profit we are just figuring out how to use video. The workshop introduced me to new people to work with and new ways of working to get our message out there. Our Capstone Project video has merged many ideas into a whole new campaign. I am thrilled with how our project is turning out."

"What we love about this campaign is that it gives Windustry not only the opportunity to educate on the many potential sitings for wind, but that it provides a hands-on call-to-action, inviting participants to create their own #StickWindHere images," said Amy Files of Conservation Media Group. "This kind of participatory campaign is just the kind of outside of the box thinking that we feel takes a campaign from ordinary to that extraordinary spark that engages and makes people want to be a part of it."

Windustry's call-to-action will be to gather signatures on a petition encouraging the White House Administration to create a national community wind partnership in line with other Administration initiatives and the urgency of climate change. The proposed White House Administration Wind Partnership is an initiative to scale up wind access and cut energy bills in communities across America. Windustry has a goal of collecting 2,500-3,000 signatures from across the country by October 25, 2015. For updates on this project and to see the final result, more information will be posted here.

CMG's Action Grants provide up to $10,000 to organizations & individuals to catalyze a project or campaign that uses video to create measurable action in ocean conservation or sustainable energy. We will be awarding up to five Action Grants in 2015 through our Catalyst Workshops Capstone continuation fund and through partnerships with additional video engagement organizations, such as the Points North Engagement Summit at the Camden International Film Festival, and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.