CMG Action Grants

About the CMG Action Grant Program

Each year, Conservation Media Group distributes a limited number of $5,000–$10,000 Action Grants to organizations & individuals to help catalyze and support a project that use video to create measurable action in ocean conservation or sustainable energy. Many Action Grants include a matching grant from the organization grantee, but matching funds are not required for the grant. Filmmakers of all ages and experience levels, including students, may apply for Action Grants. Organizations with an environmental mission, including both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and those for whom this is the first foray into video production & distribution, may also apply. Included in the Action Grant grant is funding for proposed pre-production, production, post-production and/or deliverables costs, including travel, equipment & approved personnel. All CMG grants are distributed as non-profit funds and require that they are used in a responsible, non-profit manner.

Grant Guidelines

The proposed Action Grant project must include:

1. A theme that relates to creating change in ocean conservation or sustainable energy.

2. A video concept that is engaging, unique, and strategic.

3. Total video length under 5 minutes. Applicants may submit an idea that includes multiple videos whose total run time is less than 5 minutes.

4. A clearly defined target audience associated with the call to action and distribution plan. Target audiences could include millions of people, a single community or even a single person.

5. A clear call to action and a strategic plan for measuring impact in a meaningful way. These may include a petition, a vote, event attendance, pledges, sign-ups - or something creative. This does NOT include “vanity metrics” such as shares, likes, or views.

6. A strategic plan for distribution that specifies how the video(s) will engage audiences social media or other channels. Partnerships for distribution & impact (either confirmed or proposed) are a bonus, especially for individual filmmakers.

Action Grant Process

Proposal. Following initial discussions, potential grantees will be asked to submit a project proposal that includes a brief summary of the proposed project, production & distribution plans, expected timeline, key deadlines and proposed grant amount with budget.

Grant Offer. CMG will deliver to the grantee an offer letter outlining the proposed project, grant amount, and requirements & expectations. The grantee must then return documentation with official signatures to CMG to accept the grant.

Disbursement. Upon acceptance of the grant, CMG will disburse the first half of the grant amount to the grantee. The second half of the grant amount is payable upon completion of the video and submission of final grant report.

Action Grant Applications

Currently, CMG does not accept unsolicited Action Grant applications. The best way to approach us about a grant is to attend one of our Catalyst Workshops, or apply for one of our Action Grant Pitches.

Current Grant Opportunities:

No Current Opportunities

Past Grant Opportunities:

• Camden International Film Festival Pitch
Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Pitch

Current & Past Action Grantees:

• Hurricane Island Foundation: Off-shore, Off-line, Off-the-grid
Jessica Plumb: Protecting the Salish Sea
Michelle Benham: Faith in Solar
Noé Sardet & Tierney Thys: The Plastic Vagabond

• Razan Ghalayini: Pick it Up
Sally Snow: My Future is Your Future
Shalini Kantayya: Suncatcher
• The Ocean Foundation: SeaGrass Grow
Windustry: #StickWindHere