Action Grantee Films Urge Sanctuary For Marine Life In The Philippines

Action Grantee Sally Snow has been hard at work with her campaign Their Future, Our Future, which encourages the passing of a new marine wildlife interaction law in the Philippines. Sally is the Media Director & Filmmaker for the Large Marine Vertebrate Project Philippines (LAMAVE), which is working on the ground with local stakeholders in the marine tourism industry to create interest and engagement in the new guidelines as a way to keep both marine animals and the industry protected for generations to come. 

Promotion and distribution of the five films has taken place between July December this year and there have been multiple actions taken and results achieved. Sally and the LAMAVE team have been screening the films with local communities in an effort to gain community support for the passing of the marine interaction law. The distribution of the film has reached many audiences from local community members and dive operators, guides, and shop owners, to key stakeholders, local officials, and audiences at trade shows and expos. The LAMAVE team has hit the ground running to get local support behind them for the passing of the law. The team was not limited to local travel - the films were also screened in China and the UK. 

They also compiled a 6th film that combines the 5 previous films: Essential Marine Wildlife Tourism Guidelines - which features 5 different communities engaged in marine wildlife tourism in the Philippines.  The film was first premiered by Their Future Our Future collaborator AA Yaptinchay at the Diving Resort Travel Expo in Manila (Philippines) on the September 11, 2016 on the main stage to a full house.  It was later released online via the Their Future Our Future Facebook page.

The campaign continues to encourage viewers to sign the petition for the new marine wildlife interaction law - to date 2,016 signatures have been collected, and it's not over yet.

What's Next?

The final stage of the grant will focus on distribution of the films and the impacts in the national community e.g. adoption of the films by Local Government Units and the dive industry. Tourism compliance and education will also be assessed by ongoing research work by LAMAVE.  Screenings within local communities will continue between December and February 2017.

Key dates:

  • Early December 2016 – Meeting with AA Yaptinchay to discuss progress of when they expect the guideline law to be passed.

  • December 2016: Community screening in Apo Island, Negros. The associated film is Can't Touch This.

  • January 2017: Community screening in Pamilacan and Panglao, Bohol. The associated film is Stand Out From the Crowd.

  • January/February 2017: Community screening in Dosnol. The associated film is Natural Born Feeders.

  • December 2016 – February 2017: Continue pushing the petition and collecting signatures.

  • December 2016 – February 2017 All films will be translated into Chinese (Mandarin), in order to make them accessible to Chinese nationals visiting the Philippines. This is a decision based on the needs of local operators struggling to communicate with these visitors and the fact that the Philippines is seeing an increase in Chinese visitors. China is the third biggest tourism market in the Philippines.

Key measurements to collect:

  • Endorsement of films by Local Government Units (LGUs) in the Philippines and adoption of the films as part of their education briefing to tourists.
  • Percentage of community members involved in the tourism industry that attend events organized by LAMAVE and other organizations that screen the films in local    communities engaged in wildlife tourism.
  • Encourage dive/tour operators to display TFOF films for public viewing (online or on the premises).
  • Tourism compliance and education assessed by ongoing research work by LAMAVE NGO. Expected to complete later in the year when tourist season reopens and research work can be carried out.

We can't wait to see the results of Sally's continued hard work.  Stay tuned for further feedback on her grant!