Action Grant awarded for 360VR Film to Protect Rays

We are pleased to announce our first Action Grantee of 2016: Danny Copeland!  Danny has been awarded a $10,000 grant for his project, The Devil RAYality - which will focus on mobulid rays gaining CITES protection.  Mobulid rays are currently targeted for their gill plates, but with a declining population of the species the importances of their protection is critial.  This campaign will inspire, engage and help inform the ocean-loving community and governmental delegates about the importance of the CITES legislation for the conservation of mobula rays.  Using virtual reality cameras, a 360 degree short film will be created to take people on a virtual dive with these charismatic animals that are often out of sight and out of mind.  The film will call upon the public to show their support through a petition, and together will be used to illustrate to CITES delegates the potential value in mobula ray ecotourism, and the public desire to protect them.  The ultimate goal is help deliver the final push to secure the legislation this endangered group of rays desperately needs.

Learn more about Danny HERE and find out about our Action Grant program HERE

We received an incredible number of applicants for our open call for Action Grants this spring - it's such a positive thing to have so many filmmakers and organizations working on interesting conservation issues.  Many thanks to all our applicants who made the review process exciting and informative.  Stay tuned for further updates on how to receive funding on your project by signing up for our Newsletter and liking our Facebook page.